Hayes & Coney Hall Ward Councillors

Hayes and Coney Hall Ward Councillor, Thomas Turrell, challenged Transport for London (TfL) on the lack of improvements to public transport in the more rural parts of Bromley Borough at Bromley Council’s Public Transport Liaison Group meeting on 10 October. 

Earlier this year, TfL unveiled their new Superloop bus routes which they claimed would better connect Outer London. According to the Mayor, the routes were designed, to reduce dependency on cars in these areas.

TfL has since consulted on the planned routes. Councillors Alexa Michael and Thomas Turrell complained that Hayes was not set to receive a stop on the Bromley to Croydon route and proposed an alternative route to include the village.

Councillor Turrell followed this up at the Public Transport Liaison Group meeting, asking TfL when proposals would come forward to improve connectivity in the south of the borough, for example, in places like Keston and Biggin Hill.

At the meeting, Councillor Turrell asked the following question:

“The Superloop, while very welcome, by design connects our main town centres but does nothing for the more rural parts of our borough, like Keston Village in my Ward.

Given these areas are most affected by the ULEZ expansion due to the lack of reliable public transport alternatives, when can residents expect extra capacity such as that which has been given to town centres?”

In their answer, TfL did not provide a timeframe but did offer to meet Councillor Turrell to discuss the matter further.

Councillor Turrell said: 

The oversight with the Superloop is an example of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, not understanding Outer London. He cannot make it harder for people to drive without providing reliable alternatives. We need improved, frequent and reliable public transport connections for the more rural parts of our borough. I will continue to campaign on this issue.”