Hayes & Coney Hall Ward Councillors

Three new Vehicle-Activated Warning Signs (VAS) are set to be installed on Hayes roads after funding was agreed upon by the Council’s Environment Committee. The signs were included in the proposals following a request from Councillor Thomas Turrell. The signs will remind drivers of the 30mph speed limit if they drive past above this limit.

Councillor Turrell has been working with residents who are concerned about road safety in Hayes for several months, with most concerns focusing on Baston Road. Councillor Turrell had initially sought three new speed cameras to catch dangerous drivers driving at high speed on Pickhurst Lane, Bourne Vale and Baston Road.

Speed cameras can only be installed by Transport for London (TfL). They can be requested by a Council and must supported by the Police. At present TfL is not installing any new speed cameras, which were initially suggested by Councillor Turrell. However, officers did agree to new VAS signs at the locations proposed by Councillor Turrell. These were subsequently put before the Environment Committee as part of a £130,000 package of measures to keep roads across the borough safe.

The sites agreed for the signs are:

·       Baston Road by Five Elms

·       Bourne Vale by Pittsmead Avenue Green.

·       Pickhurst Lane by Bourne Vale

The sites now need to undergo feasibility assessments before being installed. Over 30 sites are being examined across the borough. The project will last for two years, with the measures agreed in the report being installed throughout this period. All three Ward Councillors will monitor progress to ensure the Hayes sites are completed as soon as possible.

Councillor Turrell said:

Thank you to the officers on the traffic team for all their help, especially in getting these roads included in this tranche of funding. We know these roads are speeding hotspots locally and have been working with residents to identity solutions. It is a shame TfL are not installing new speed cameras as they would have been really useful but these types of signs have proven to be effective at tackling the issue in other parts of the borough. This is really good and welcome news for our area.”