Hayes & Coney Hall Ward Councillors

Controversial plans to close almost all ticket offices at English railway stations, including the one at Hayes Station, have been scrapped after the Government ordered train companies to keep them open.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said the Government had asked train operators to withdraw their proposals because they did not meet high passenger standards.

Hayes & Coney Hall Ward Councillors Alexa Michael and Thomas Turrell had both objected to the ticket office closures. They expressed strong concerns that passengers, particularly disabled travellers, would be disadvantaged when making rail journeys if the ticket offices were to be removed. In addition, ticket office staff provide passengers with valuable information about rail services, journey times and ticket prices.

Councillor Michael said:

“I’m delighted that common sense has prevailed and the ticket offices will remain open to the benefit of the travelling public. Those ticket offices play a vital role in providing both information and practical assistance to rail passengers and it is important that they stay open.”