Hayes & Coney Hall Ward Councillors

Hayes and Coney Hall’s local Conservative councillors have begun the process of requesting for a banking hub within the ward on Monday, to improve access to banking facilities in the ward.A Banking Hub is a new initiative, coordinated by the ATM operator LINK, whereby banks come together to operate services on different days of the week in one location, often in places where there is a lack of banking infrastructure. Whilst the initiative has begun to be rolled out with the support of the Conservative government, there are yet to be proposals for one within the London Borough of Bromley.Local councillors have therefore submitted an application to LINK for a banking hub to be set up in Hayes – providing local people with the banking infrastructure our community has lacked for many years.Councillor Josh Coldspring-White commented:A Banking Hub could be a game changer for residents across Hayes, Coney Hall and Keston. The ward has been in the unenviable position of not having a bank within its boundaries for some years, and this new initiative could see restored access to such facilities, being especially important for many of our older residents.If successful, residents in more rural parts of our Ward would no longer have to travel to Bromley to access banking facilities. Hayes could act as a magnet for banking services for much of the wider area, creating a more sustainable future for our shopping parades when many face increasing pressures to sustain footfall.Councillors Coldspring-White, Turrell and Michael look forward to the response from LINK about the feasibility of this proposal and will continue to fight for modern banking infrastructure across Hayes, Coney Hall and Keston.